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Very often when a budding entrepreneur is trying to start up an e-commerce business they will make the decision to go it alone and pick it up as they go along. While this can usually be quite straightforward it does mean that the individual has to learn a lot of internet information and online business sense quickly and if things do go wrong this can be very detrimental for a new business.

Someone who has never been involved with e-commerce before will undoubtedly make mistakes committing minor, and sometimes major, errors simply because they don’t have the experience they need; which is why many people seek help from an e-commerce consultant. An e-commerce consultant is by definition an experienced person who normally comes to you and helps you manage your online business successfully. (more…)

Today, we can find many companies that offer web hosting services. In fact, there are countless ads on the Internet selling web hosting services. A website is needed for businesses today to keep up with the trends and the competition as well. Having your own website should be taken into consideration as a way of strengthening business operations.

Web hosting services can be categorized into two things: Free web hosting is one and the other is paid hosting. There are those that say that having a free website is a huge advantage. Of course, there are pros in free web hosting. You are not going to pay anything. But the services that come with the free option are limited. Whereas for paid web hosting services, you can enjoy more rewards. (more…)

Many online marketers try Twitter marketing and become frustrated at not having much to show for it. In this article we shall be discussing a few effective Twitter marketing tips that will not only give you an inside look at this new form of promotion but will also help you apply it the right way.

You should not even begin any marketing campaigns on Twitter until you are able to precisely identify your target market. Why? So that you are able to start attracting followers who are going to be interested in what you have to offer. If your followers are not a good match for your niche or offers, they aren't going to help you very much. What you need are people who are laser targeted for your specific niche. The best way to get followers is to find them yourself, rather than waiting for people to follow you first. Find anyone who is interested in your targeted niche, whether they are authorities or just regular people. (more…)

Any online enterprise needs all the traffic it can get. Quality targeted traffic is the mainstay of all e-commerce businesses. Therefore adding a regular, content rich and highly relevant blog to your existing website will, over a period of time, undoubtedly increase your visitor numbers and probably your page rank. Google simply loves to see fresh content on a website, particularly if that content contains plenty of internal site links and it appears on a daily or even weekly basis.

Blogging is also an easy and foolproof way to promote your brand or your products. Blogging costs from nothing to very little - nor is it that time consuming. Blogs are also relatively easy to set up and you don’t have to be a professional writer to make them successful, just write about what you know best but avoid making your blog too personal or ‘folksy’. (more…)

No one should enter into any kind of e-commerce venture without first writing some sort of business plan. You may think it to be a complete waste of time and energy when all you want to do is dive in and get started. This is completely understandable  as none of us really want to sit down and do costings and work out future timing schedules. After all it’s just so much more fun to jump in, get cracking and start watching the money roll in. Isn’t that so? No - not if you fail and without viable forward thinking fail you might!

Past studies have shown that any types of business that have followed a proper business plan are usually much more successful than those who have not. Why is that then? Simple - because they will have taken the time to thoroughly examine the possible risk factors, done their market research and drawn up realistic financial projections. It is difficult enough launching a new business when you have some idea of what to expect and a plan to work to but without some kind of formalized workable format to follow you seriously risk failure. (more…)

One of the problems of being self-employed is that you will need to be fit, alert and able to deal with large amounts of stress. It is one of those paradoxes of life that just when you need to take care of yourself the most, you are probably neglecting yourself the most. Setting up any kind of e-commercial enterprise, can be an enormous strain on both your mind and body.

To ensure that in the future just when your business begins to build and you need all the energy you can muster you will need to look after your main business asset now. That asset is of course you and the one thing you will have to guard most carefully is your back –if you can’t sit at a computer you in effect will have no online enterprise. (more…)

Business today has ultimately more chance of success than it ever has before. So why is that? Not that long ago anyone who wanted to start a business had no choice but to open up a ‘bricks and mortar’ shop, office or spare parts operation which meant that they were tied to a lease, local tax on the premises, were commited to being on site during normal office hours and often needed to employ staff.

Nowadays with the aid of the internet no one needs to have actual business premises or employ someone to man the shop. These factors alone means that the internet a very good medium for a business to grow. For one thing the start up costs of internet marketing is low. You can set up a website and register a domain name for less money than decent weekend away and if you use ‘drop ship’ merchants for products you propose to sell you won’t need expensive leases, employees, transportation fees and shipping expenses. (more…)

Anyone who has an online company and doesn’t bother to religiously check their Google Analytics stats is not just missing a trick they are in fact missing out on the life support system of their business. Web site stats can be compared to the human body in not so much that ‘your heel bone is connected to your knee bone’ as that your visitors are connected to your keywords and your bounce rate is connected to your income.

Get the picture? If you don’t know if visitors are leaving your site in droves how can you put it right? Correctly used Google Analytics is one of the most useful tools on the web. It may not be one hundred percent accurate but it is as near as damn it to feeding you vital information about your site visitors.

For instance, by having an idea what terms and phrases are commonly used by your customers you would have an idea what key phrases and terms you should concentrate on. It is rather like knowing what would be the most effective bait to get more customers to come to your website. Popular keywords or keyword phrases that people are searching for will tell you a heck of a lot about them.

If you can build up an intimate picture of how your target audience operates, what motivates them emotionally, what they need and how their problem impacts on their life in real, external and tangible ways, the easier it is to succeed in that market. All aspects of your business are derived from your understanding of your customer, and if you are working off of assumptions, you’re making mistakes and not likely to be enjoying the level of success you could.

Google Analytics is your best friend since each day it tells you what countries your visitors came from, how long they stayed on each page and which were the most popular pages they visited on your site. If visitors, for example, seem to land on your site and then quickly leave, it might be time to add some compelling content to your site. If your site becomes an authority on a specialised subject it could pull in more traffic – but you won’t know if your ploy is working unless you check your analytics and hopefully see an upward trend in visitors.

Also by knowing which of your products are commonly searched for, you would be able to add a new set of relevant terms and phrases to increase your visibility on the web. These key terms and phrases would be very target specific since they are directly sought after by customers, you are then assured that your site will be visited.

Search terms that are used and translate into sales are what you need which once again illustrates the point of using Google Analytics since this is the only way you can ‘watch’ what visitors are doing on your site. Which page are they arriving by? Which page are they leaving by? Do they move round your site and if not why not? Are you failing to keep visitors long enough to make a sale?

Google Analytics will tell you which countries are giving you most of your visitors, which is your top content, how many page views you get each day, your top landing pages, your most common exit pages and probably most important of all what the bounce rate is for your site. A high bounce rate equates to a low income rate!

Another great is the traffic sources data which keeps you informed of your traffic breakdown. In other words what is the source of your traffic? Is it direct repeat traffic or is it mainly made up from new visitors that come from search engine searches? Or does it come from referring sites and if so which are the most reliable referring sites or links? Armed with all of this ammunition means that you are much more likely to be able to get out on the web, attract visitors to your site and keep them there until you make substantial sales. (more…)

If you want to keep your online store customers coming back for more you need to give your site the once over with a very objective and critical eye. Remember that 95% of the people who come to your online store are unlikely to buy anything the first time. They have to become comfortable with your site, used to how you do your business and feel secure before they commit their hard earned cash. If you have a reliable site with useful content that also makes them feel safe they will return as loyal customers again and again.

It is important to understand that when it comes to making purchases online, web users are looking for a safe, quick, and easy experience. If the whole experience becomes difficult, or time consuming for people to purchase what they need, they will not hesitate to go elsewhere. The following e-commerce tips should help you create an online store that will lead to contented repeat customers. (more…)

Many thanks for all of your help with the website. Your advice was invaluable and we really appreciated the speedy service. It took very little time to get us up and running with a great-looking site!

Services we offer

Website Hosting

Standard Hosting Package

monthly (+vat)
 Domains - 1
 Disk Storage 3 GB
MySQL - 5 Databases
Bandwidth - 2048mb
Email Accounts - Unlimited
Control Panel - cPanel

Advanced Hosting Package

monthly + (vat)
Domains - 4
Disk Storage 4 GB
MySQL - 10 Databases
Bandwidth - 4096mb
Email Accounts - Unlimited
Control Panel - cPanel

Business Hosting Package

monthly (+vat)
Domains - 8
Disk Storage 8 GB
MySQL - 20 Databases
Bandwidth - 8192mb
Email Accounts - Unlimited
Control Panel - cPanel

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We are a UK Company specialising in website design

We will build you a website tailored to your specific requirements, some clients start from a scribble on a note pad and we help them and you maintain and develop the site as it grows and changes over time.

As everyone knows, design is very subjective and what one person may like, another might hate. Our designers and programmers are vastly experienced in all aspects of website design and development and we have hundreds of satisfied clients to prove it!
We are an honest company that strongly believes that we can create a great site for you which both looks and functions to the highest standards. Not only will we do this, but we will also only charge a fraction of the amount that you might expect to pay. Our prices for the quality of workmanship are hugely competitive.

Do you require a professional web designer to create a quality professional web design for your site? or are you looking for your site to be updated? If so you have come to the right place. Take a look through our site to see what we can do for you.

Website Design Company based in Ilfracombe, North Devon.


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