Zen Cart RSS Export

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Zen Cart RSS Export is contribution, which allows syndicate products from your Zen Cart store using popular syndication formats.

RSS is open file format for information export, which is used by variety of sites/services, RSS-aware software and most popular internet browsers (like Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari etc.) to review and import your products.

  • Wired Magazine: Aggregators Attack Info Overload
  • CNN: Welcome to the 'new' Web, same as the 'old' Web

Main features:

  • multilanguage support
  • ability to export into 3 formats: RSS 0.92, RSS 1.0, RSS 2.0
  • ability to store feed on your server
  • online documentation and Quick Start instructions and more

Additional feature:

  • You can export this feed to Edgeio.com, to get additional exposure!

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