Zen Cart Magic Slideshow - 1 Site License

Additional Information
  • Model: MTB001


Magic Slideshow™ Has Finally Arrived for Zen Cart

No more headaches when trying to get that all important image gallery working the way YOU want it to.

With various different configurations available you are well on the way to get a beautiful looking product page which will make your website shine above the rest.

Welcome to Magic Slideshow new Zen Cart module:

Some of the many features available:

  • Easy install - Upload a folder to your store root folder, click install and the module install to your site.
  • Beautiful - makes your images and additional images look amazing.
  • Great Layout - display lots of images in one space, including additional product images.
  • Good Speed - downloads quickly, loading images in priority order.
  • Customisable - over 30 options to tweak it just how you want it and then make further changes within the css.

It works in all the major browsers, which is a must nowadays as some many are available, even works on the iPhone.

See the list below for browser compatibility

Win Mac Linux
Internet Explorer 8 Yes - -
Internet Explorer 7 Yes - -
Internet Explorer 6 Yes - -
Internet Explorer 5.5 Yes - -
Firefox 3 Yes Yes Yes
Firefox 2 Yes Yes Yes
Firefox 1 Yes Yes Yes
Chrome 6 Yes Yes Yes
Chrome 5 Yes Yes Yes
Chrome 4 Yes Yes Yes
Chrome 3 Yes Yes Yes
Safari 5 Yes Yes -
Safari 4 Yes Yes -
Safari 3 Yes Yes -
Opera 10 Yes Yes Yes
Opera 9 Yes Yes Yes
Opera 8 Yes Yes Yes
Konqueror 3.2+ - - Yes
iPhone/iPad - Yes -