Zen Cart All-in-One Product Feeds

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Zen Cart All-in-One package includes the product feed packages developed by MagneticOne company for Zen Cart store. You get maximum exposure, listing your products in all major Shopping Comparison engines.

Easily export your products to following engines with minimal efforts:

  • Google Base
  • Froogle
  • Shopping.com / DealTime.com
  • Shopzilla.com / BizRate.com
  • Generic RSS
  • MySimon.com
  • Yahoo Marketing / Yahoo SMB
  • Kelkoo
  • PriceRunner
  • Smarter
  • NexTag
  • PriceGrabber
  • TheFind.com
  • Become
  • ShopFerret
  • Buyer's Edge
  • ePier
  • Elm@r
  • Jellyfish
  • Pronto
  • eDirectory.co.uk
  • MSN Shopping
  • StreetPrices.com
  • CNet
  • CWebUSA
  • PowerSource
  • PriceSaving
  • Advanced XML
  • BrokerBin
  • ShopMania
  • Vast
  • Sortprice.com
  • EveryPrice.com
  • PriceSCAN.com
  • Shopify
  • MyShopping.com.au
  • Custom

Save purchasing Zen Cart All-in-One package now! A "must have" for every successful merchant.

Package includes:

  • Zen Cart Google Base Data Feed
  • Zen Cart Froogle Data Feed
  • Zen Cart shopping.com Data Feed
  • Zen Cart shopzilla.com Data Feed
  • Zen Cart RSS Export
  • Zen Cart MySimon.com Data Feed
  • Zen Cart Yahoo Stores Data Feed
  • Zen Cart PriceRunner.com Data Feed
  • Zen Cart Kelkoo Data Feed
  • Zen Cart Smarter Data Feed
  • Zen-Cart Become Data Feed
  • Zen-Cart Buyer's Edge Data Feed
  • Zen-Cart Elm@r Electronic Market Data Feed
  • Zen-Cart ePier Data Feed
  • Zen-Cart NexTag Data Feed
  • Zen-Cart PriceGrabber Data Feed
  • Zen-Cart ShopFerret Data Feed
  • Zen-Cart TheFind.com Data Feed
  • Zen Cart Advanced XML Data Feed
  • Zen Cart CNet Data Feed
  • Zen Cart CWebUSA Data Feed
  • Zen Cart eDirectory.co.uk Data Feed
  • Zen Cart Jellyfish Data Feed
  • Zen Cart MSN Shopping Data Feed
  • Zen Cart PriceSaving Data Feed
  • Zen Cart Pronto Data Feed
  • Zen Cart PowerSource Data Feed
  • Zen Cart StreetPrices.com Data Feed
  • Zen-Cart BrokerBin Data Feed
  • Zen-Cart SHOP.COM Data Feed
  • Zen-Cart ShopMania Data Feed
  • Zen-Cart Vast Export Feed
  • Zen-Cart EveryPrice.com Data Feed
  • Zen-Cart Sortprice.com Data Feed
  • Zen-Cart PriceSCAN.com Data Feed
  • Zen-Cart MyShopping.com.au Data Feed
  • Zen-Cart Shopify Data Feed
  • Zen-Cart Custom Data Feed
  • Zen Cart Sales Channel Analysis

Main features:

  • easy to use and configure
  • multilanguage support
  • multicurrency support
  • ability to export only selected categories
  • ability to include/exclude products marked "out of stock"
  • ability to include/exclude products with zero quantity
  • capability to include/exclude products with zero price
  • capability to strip HTML from Product Names
  • capability to strip HTML from Product Descriptions
  • capability to set default shipping cost
  • ability to limit number of products exported
  • ability to set currency that is used during export
  • ability to customize name of the export file
  • inline text recommendations for fast initial configuration
  • ability to automatically upload feed via FTP
  • ability to send feed via email
  • third party sales channel tracking (Google Analytics, WebTrends, OneStat, 123LogAnalyzer, Netmining etc)
  • optional GZIP compression of feed contents
  • additional Live Product Feed URL options
  • ability to validate feeds (XML-based feeds only)
  • ability to store feed on your server
  • exported products filtering by name, quantity, model, price etc
  • ability to append additional info like price, manufacturer to exported product name
  • multiple export configurations
  • preconfigured Google Analytics support
  • supports most of standard-compliant SEO-friendly URL modules/addons
  • Click Tracking / ROI Tracking
  • online documentation and Quick Start instructions
    and more

Important: This package includes Sales Channel Analysis.

Important: This package doesn't include Amazon Export Feeds.

Technical Requirements for Zen Cart All-in-One Product Feeds:

  • Zend Optimizer 2.6+ or ionCube Loader (files are encrypted)

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