Easy Populate Advanced

Additional Information
  • Model: EPA


Tired of labouriously adding products 1 at a time in Zen Cart Admin? Easy Populate Advanced will allow you to add and manage up to thousands of products using a spreadsheeting application, such as OpenOffice Calc or MS Excel.

Whether you need to update pricing & stock quantities frequently, or your new store needs an initial quantity upload of products, Easy Populate Advanced will lighten your load. Once completed, simply save your spreadsheet as a Tab delimited text file and upload to your store.

The following tasks can be performed using Easy Populate Advanced:

  • Product additions/updates including (but not limited to) names & descriptions (multiple languages now supported), pricing, specials, quantities, meta tags & product types, as well as linking, moving, & deletion of products, and moving & deletion of product links.
  • Categories uploading/updating/moving, including name & descriptions (multiple languages now supported), sort order, image and status.
  • NEW! Google Base file downloading for immediate submission to Google.
Additional Features:
  • Supports user overrides where environmental factors may prevent uploads (eg Apple mac produced files).
  • Improved design incorporates error checks and repairs, and is streamlined for faster uploads.
Purchasing Easy Populate Advanced entitles you to 1 year of version updates & bugfixes - Current plans for next release include:
  • Quantity based pricing upload/download/update.
  • Product-types-to-categories upload/download/update.
  • Categories deletion.
  • Export of errors tab file for easy editing & re-use.
  • SQL email backup of affected tables on upload/update.
  • Attributes redesign for a more workable solution

Purchasing Easy Populate Advanced also entitles you to 1 year exclusive access to a searchable knowledgebase, & exclusive resolution support via an online portal or via email trouble tickets for all errors in the installation & operation of Easy Populate Advanced.