Mass Product Changer for Zen Cart



Mass Product Changer is an addon for Store Manager, that will help you to make batch changes to multiple products much easier and faster.

Have you ever

  • spent hours changing pricing in your online store?
  • thought why £19.99 product is selling 20% better than £20?
  • tried to test what price is right in your store?
  • want to change multiple fields for multiple products all at once?

If so - Mass Product Changer allows you to make changes easily, quickly and safely

  • Change product pricing in few clicks
    Now will take minutes or even seconds versus hours previously
  • Make product pricing "smart"
    Increase your conversion simply by changing your price by 1 penny!
  • Make it safe by automating
    Software does it safely for you - minimize human mistakes

Mass Product Changer for Zen Cart

Mass Product Changer addon simplifies operations over multiple products at once and bring few additional important features.

*To run this addon you will need to have Store Manager full license for your shopping cart