Mass AdWords Product Ads for Zen Cart



Mass AdWords Product Ads for Zen Cart will help you to easily create separate ads in Google AdWords for EACH product in your store. You can do it once for complete store, creating hundreds or thousands of ads or just select one or few products to create ads for.

Easy to use wizard will guide you through the step by step process making sure you will do it just right.

Zen Cart Mass AdWords Product Ads is addon for Store Manager application, providing you friendly windows interface to create your AdWords campaigns with no delays, timeouts or other connection-related problems.

What Mass AdWords Product Ads for Zen Cart can do for you:

  1. Save Time
    Most operations are automated, you need to make only key decisions
  2. Increase Sales
    More better targetted and relevant ads bring more sales and more profits as a result
  3. Simplify Ad Management
    Will save you hours every day, day by day
  4. Minimize Errors and Inconsistency
    Ads will include proper product names, lead to proper products that are in available and in stock, always
  5. Bring new possibilities
    Laser-targetted campaigns are now reality!

Features that will make your life easier:

  1. Create separate ads for each product in your store
    You can create separate ads for each product, including product name, model, price, manufacturer, store name and more then 20 other macros right into the ad! This brings unbelivable ad precision, previously available to large enterprises only.
  2. Automatically find proper keywords for each product
    You have control over keyword selection process, including product variables only (product name, product model, product manufacturer (and other product-specific fields) only - for laser-targetted campaigns), keyword matching options (broad match, exact match, phrase match) and more.
  3. Create multiple ads for each product by template
    You can use built-in predefined templates or add your own ad templates!
    Just create multiple ad variations for each product and let AdWords Optimizer find our the ones, which work best for you automatically. Manual selection also available.
  4. Preview which ads will be created
    Before you generate anything - you can preview and disable ads, that you think won't work for any reason.
  5. Even more features inside
    You will find more options and posibilities that will make your work much more convenient and easy.

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