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The Importance of a Fast Site

As far as modern business practice is concerned everyone knows that e-commerce is one of the fastest and smoothest ways of completing transactions, but the down side to that is that the web its self is populated by a goodly number of very impatient people who have a zero tolerance level to slow loading sites.

You may think you have the greatest product in the universe, but it won’t matter a jot if your website pages load so slowly that interested parties lose the will to live and make a quick exit searching for faster and indeed more commercial sites. Given that over time the speed of the internet will continue to increase, so will the tolerance for slow sites continue to decrease, especially amongst online shoppers. Therefore if you want to make money online you have no choice but to make sure you display a sleek, well designed website that above all loads fast. Read the rest of this entry »

Tops Tips to Encourage Online Sales

If you want to succeed with online sales you must first of all recognise that in principle it is not hugely different from any other kind of selling. Making lots of sales to people who browse on the internet has many of the elements of ordinary sales and marketing but with a few subtle differences.

For example, the types of people who shop on the web can be quite unlike those who mainly stick to bricks and mortar retailing, unless you happen to be selling the latest hi-tech equipment or unusual gadgets. Although more and more customers are moving towards buying online there is still often a difficulty in persuading people to splash their cash on products that they feel they need to touch, taste or smell. Read the rest of this entry »

Staying Within the Law With Ecommerce

Everyone knows that ecommerce is to do with offering and selling goods via the internet. The seller and his customers never meet face to face at any time therefore all business and payment is conducted remotely, regardless of where people live. Like any form of trading this has the possibility of conjuring up a number of problems with regard to the formation and enforcement of selling ‘contracts’.

The law in this country has put in place a number of legislative initiatives which directly affect all trading which is primarily conducted online and if you don’t know what you are about these laws can appear complex and also they are subject to change. Read the rest of this entry »

Starting an Ecommerce Business Without Much Investment Capital

While many types of ecommerce enterprises can be intimidating to new online marketers, starting an ecommerce business from scratch without much investment capital isn’t as scary as you may think. For a start it doesn’t have to be nearly as difficult or as costly as you might expect.

It is true that although plenty of new online marketers soon realise the benefits of offering products online that can be instantly purchased and processed by means of an efficient shopping cart system such as Zen Cart, many can find the whole process of establishing efficient ecommerce systems complex, expensive and technically overwhelming. Read the rest of this entry »