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Online Myths and Moneymaking

Let’s face it there is so much online advice out there on how to build a successful moneymaking ecommerce site that you would be excused for being totally confused. This is because much of the advice given is conflicting and at times just plain inaccurate. While some of the advice is helpful and indeed useful, much of it is also a myth. It should be easy to disregard the bad advice but unfortunately the sheer volume of available online ‘tips’ simply encourages bad practice during ecommerce development.

It is time to dispel some of those myths that are floating round the internet to ensure that your online store has the best possible chance of being up there with the same chance as the big names in retail. Read the rest of this entry »

Revealing the Secrets of Running a Money Making Online Store

Although once established, with plenty of daily visitors, and generally considered almost a license to print money, the fact is that setting up and then running an online store is never as easy as it first appears. Indeed most of today’s thriving and successful online stores were probably the end result of much hard work, dedication and heart searching.

Choosing to earn a living in this way is a major decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly, especially in the current financial climate. Probably the most important considerations are choosing the right software, working out how to convert your site visitors into proper sales and the overall impact of your website.
It is foolhardy to think that any old design will do just so long as you can get your products on the web as soon as possible. Never underestimate the value of an attractive, easy-to-use website, for not only is the overall look of the site important, there are also other vital aspects to consider. Read the rest of this entry »

How Being Innovative Can Dramatically Increase Online Sales

Online retailing not only has immense potential to produce more or less instant wealth for those who are prepared to work hard the good news is that this potential has recently put on a huge growth spurt. Recent retail statistics prove that more and more people are now choosing to shop online rather than climb in a car and brave crowded roads and shopping centres. Ecommerce has not only come of age it has stepped into the economic driving seat.

For both new and old retail ventures the key to financial success is always now and always going to be, about mastering the art of rising above the virtual world competition. Retailers from all walks of life will have to constantly devise innovative ways that enhance the consumers’ shopping experience, and be seen to give added value for them in various ways. Read the rest of this entry »

How to Stay Motivated Online and Avoid Money Making Scams

During the daily grind of getting through this current economic tsunami, staying motivated with any online business can be quite difficult and at times almost seems impossible. There are the regular monotonous tasks you would rather not do, there are unexpected technical situations that can create havoc and then, to cap it all, there are the banks who won’t tide you over hands – or worse still pursue you for going over your limit. At times you are bound to wonder if the day to day struggle is really worth it and your thoughts can wander towards ways and means of making easy money on the web.

Fast internet income is the buzz phrase that is on the lips of every hopeful entrepreneur. The word is put about by ruthless con merchants that you simply put up a website add a few affiliate banners on the pages and hey presto you are a millionaire within six months. According to all the too good to be true get-rich-quick, manuals and e-books, offered on the web, anyone with even the most basic computer skills can’t fail to make money on the web and in very large amounts. Oh and if you do happen to not make it big then you will of course ‘get your money back in full’. Read the rest of this entry »