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Why Having a Dynamic Website is Vital for Commercial Success

Even if a business is not yet involved in e-commerce, all businesses these days need to own a website, it is almost impossible for even the smallest company to look professional without some sort of web presence. Therefore it is really important to have an attractive, easy to read, easy to navigate and above all informative website that tells your customers or clients what your business is about. In business today rather than asking for a brochure a lot of potential customers will ask you for your website address. This is particularly important if you plan to add an online store facility such as Zen Cart in the near future.

What happens then if you don’t have a website? Well quite frankly in this day and age no one will take you seriously. Even worse than that though is having a website that is completely useless and doesn’t do its job which should be to help “sell” either goods or your business services? Any website is almost pointless without plenty of targeted quality traffic. Creating the actual website, no matter how beautiful, is only the beginning of a serious internet marketing campaign. Attracting any visitors at all, let alone those who are interested in what you have to offer, is much more difficult than most people realise, sadly this is why so many websites fail in their quest to increase profits.

You can’t afford to let your competitors get ahead by having a greater share of targeted web visitors than you. Remember the joy of a website is that it is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can generate qualified leads to your business even while you sleep.

A properly constructed website, with heaps of targeted traffic, should act like a built in salesman that you don’t have to pay but who returns a huge return on investment for you and your business. So having established that creating and submitting a website to the search engines is only half the battle how do you get that much needed traffic to your site?

There are several options which largely depend on your budget. You can for instance pay for traffic by using a Google AdWords campaign, this guarantees traffic but can run through your marketing budget like a hot knife through butter.

Another alternative is to employ the services of a professional company to help you or even better if you are on a restricted budget you can do it yourself by ensuring you have plenty of keyword-rich content on your site and heaps of good quality incoming links.

Outsourcing the job to a marketing or SEO company is not always the easy option, mainly because you have no real idea of their true worth until you have already paid them and have to simply sit and wait for the traffic to arrive. If the whole exercise is a failure you are highly unlikely to see any of your money back. Read the rest of this entry »

How to Make Engine Optimization Work For Your Zen Cart Site

Just like any other business on the web, your Zen Cart site should also aim for the highest possible ranking on the search engines. In order to do this, your site will need sound search engine optimization, also known as SEO. It is effective SEO that helps a new e-commerce site in its struggle to be on the top 10 of search results, preferably number one. It is important therefore that your Zen Cart site ranks well on the search results in order to overtake the tough competition that is out there waiting to steal a march on your business.

Once you start getting a better position on the search engines than your competitors, you are guaranteed a better and more lucrative online business; after all without a proper amount of visitors you won’t be selling enough products to make your site worthwhile. So just how can you get your Zen Cart site listed at the top of the search engines’ page results? Read the rest of this entry »

How to Choose the Right Web Designer For Your Zen Cart Site

If you go on to Google and conduct a search for ‘web designers’ you will find in excess of 22,000,000 results for that search term. Confused? Don’t worry you are not alone. While there are countless reputable web designers, it must be said that there are just as many, if not more, completely incapable people out there offering web design and e-commerce services. So how do you find a good web designer to build your Zen Cart site that you can trust wholeheartedly?

An ever-growing increase in less trustworthy or incompetent web design companies has led to the fear of being ripped off by unscrupulous internet ‘cowboys’ whose main aim is to extract large lumps of cash from their unfortunate clients with little or no regard for the future success of the websites they build and set up. Read the rest of this entry »

Use More Effective Way to Manage Zen Cart Attributes, Products and Categories

Among various software that extends functionality of the Zen Cart shopping cart there are modules and addons that help with store owners specific needs. Usually it takes time to browse over the Internet in search of the program, compare the prices, read the reviews. Its like puttinf pieces of a puzzle together in order to get a whole picture in the end. But what if you get the entire set of feature with one single software? That will let you manage multiple Zen Cart Stores using one admin panel, export and import different entities, make reports and manage discounts and many more?

Store Manager for Zen Cart is an answer to this question. Its a complex online store management system that helps Zen Cart store owners with their most common every day tasks like complete management of products, categories, product attributes, manufacturers, recommended products, customers, orders, reports, locale configuration, direct database editing; offers Powerful Products/Categories Export/Import, Convenient Order Management, search and filters, add, edit and delete customers/orders , Advanced Reporting and more. Read the rest of this entry »

How to Use Import Products Wizard in Store Manager for Zen Cart

Probably you already are a happy user of Store Manager for Zen Cart. Or maybe you’ve just started using it or consider this. You probably look for more detailed information about this software and its functionality. Than this article is what you’re looking for. We will talk about product import – one of the complicated procedures in Store Manager.

This feature is for advanced Store Manager users. Import/Export wizard of Store Manager for Zen Cart allows you to import your data from any .csv file into Store Manager. Carefully follow the instructions given in Zen Cart Import Wizard on every page as you proceed with product import. Import is rather complicated procedure and it may be destructive if performed incorrectly. Thus, you have to create database backup before products import, especially if you do it for the first time. Read the rest of this entry »