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Is it Worth Using the Services of an E-commerce Consultant?

Very often when a budding entrepreneur is trying to start up an e-commerce business they will make the decision to go it alone and pick it up as they go along. While this can usually be quite straightforward it does mean that the individual has to learn a lot of internet information and online business sense quickly and if things do go wrong this can be very detrimental for a new business.

Someone who has never been involved with e-commerce before will undoubtedly make mistakes committing minor, and sometimes major, errors simply because they don’t have the experience they need; which is why many people seek help from an e-commerce consultant. An e-commerce consultant is by definition an experienced person who normally comes to you and helps you manage your online business successfully. Read the rest of this entry »

Difference Between Paid and Free Web Hosting

Today, we can find many companies that offer web hosting services. In fact, there are countless ads on the Internet selling web hosting services. A website is needed for businesses today to keep up with the trends and the competition as well. Having your own website should be taken into consideration as a way of strengthening business operations.

Web hosting services can be categorized into two things: Free web hosting is one and the other is paid hosting. There are those that say that having a free website is a huge advantage. Of course, there are pros in free web hosting. You are not going to pay anything. But the services that come with the free option are limited. Whereas for paid web hosting services, you can enjoy more rewards. Read the rest of this entry »

Twitter Marketing Tactics that Really Work

Many online marketers try Twitter marketing and become frustrated at not having much to show for it. In this article we shall be discussing a few effective Twitter marketing tips that will not only give you an inside look at this new form of promotion but will also help you apply it the right way.

You should not even begin any marketing campaigns on Twitter until you are able to precisely identify your target market. Why? So that you are able to start attracting followers who are going to be interested in what you have to offer. If your followers are not a good match for your niche or offers, they aren’t going to help you very much. What you need are people who are laser targeted for your specific niche. The best way to get followers is to find them yourself, rather than waiting for people to follow you first. Find anyone who is interested in your targeted niche, whether they are authorities or just regular people. Read the rest of this entry »

How Regular Blogging Can Help Your E-commerce Business

Any online enterprise needs all the traffic it can get. Quality targeted traffic is the mainstay of all e-commerce businesses. Therefore adding a regular, content rich and highly relevant blog to your existing website will, over a period of time, undoubtedly increase your visitor numbers and probably your page rank. Google simply loves to see fresh content on a website, particularly if that content contains plenty of internal site links and it appears on a daily or even weekly basis.

Blogging is also an easy and foolproof way to promote your brand or your products. Blogging costs from nothing to very little – nor is it that time consuming. Blogs are also relatively easy to set up and you don’t have to be a professional writer to make them successful, just write about what you know best but avoid making your blog too personal or ‘folksy’. Read the rest of this entry »

Why a Business Plan is Important For Your E-commerce Venture

No one should enter into any kind of e-commerce venture without first writing some sort of business plan. You may think it to be a complete waste of time and energy when all you want to do is dive in and get started. This is completely understandable  as none of us really want to sit down and do costings and work out future timing schedules. After all it’s just so much more fun to jump in, get cracking and start watching the money roll in. Isn’t that so? No – not if you fail and without viable forward thinking fail you might!

Past studies have shown that any types of business that have followed a proper business plan are usually much more successful than those who have not. Why is that then? Simple – because they will have taken the time to thoroughly examine the possible risk factors, done their market research and drawn up realistic financial projections. It is difficult enough launching a new business when you have some idea of what to expect and a plan to work to but without some kind of formalized workable format to follow you seriously risk failure. Read the rest of this entry »