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Taking E-commerce to Global Levels

Use of the Internet has grown and spread rapidly during the last decade and with worldwide usage it is time to fully embrace this wonder of our age and use it to take our e-commerce enterprises to reach new and exciting global levels. E-commerce is spreading like a bush fire in a high wind and new online stores are springing up every day, becoming a pivotal role in the global economy. You only need to be slightly in touch with the realities of modern commerce to recognize that shopping via the web will very soon outstrip the need for bricks and mortar stores.

New businesses these days are rising in all quarters simply because e-commerce has changed the way people do business. In spite of the recession e-commerce business is beginning to boom. From big corporations to cottage industries, businesses are looking more and more to go online, opening up their products and services to new groups of people worldwide. Read the rest of this entry »

The Golden Rules of Effective Ecommerce Web Design

When you are setting up an online shop the most important consideration is converting your visitors into sales so never underestimate the impact of your website design; it is one of the most fundamental aspects of your online store.

You must realize and accept that what your customers will find appealing may not necessarily match your own taste. It is rather like opening a bricks and mortar shop; if you were to decorate a high street shop in heavy primary colours or hung lots of wind chimes everywhere you would probably drive away the more conservative buyers. So it is with a website. For not only is the overall look of the site important there are also many structural guidelines that should be taken into consideration Read the rest of this entry »

Amplify Your E-commerce Success With Zen Cart Web Design

Zen Cart Web Design is a highly motivated North Devon company who believe that although their innovative web designs are often sold on style, they are in fact built on trust.

Managing director of the company, Stuart Perkins, feels strongly that it is the designer’s responsibility not just to build an efficient and easy-to-manage site but also to make sure that there is a friendly on-going back up and support system in place. Read the rest of this entry »

Selling Online – Six Secrets to Success

1 – Select the Right Product Line

When selling online it is really important to choose the product line with care and to fit in with your personal circumstances. Avoid products that are too difficult to ship, including large, fragile, easily damaged, perishable or inflammable goods. The best products to sell online are those that can be packaged and shipped easily and without damage. It is much easier to sell goods that can be bought without the need to touch or taste them as people are wary of buying fresh goods without being able to check for quality. Read the rest of this entry »

Choosing the Right E-Commerce Hosting

Choosing the right e-commerce web hosting can be a web-based entrepreneur’s nightmare. Good hosting is the first vital step to building a viable website for your e-business. The selection of your e-commerce web host is most important because the quality of services that your e-commerce web host provider offers can either empower or limit the functionality and efficiency of your e-commerce business.

Therefore you can only conclude that the functionality and stability of your e-commerce web host is of great concern purely because your e-commerce website is only as reliable and sustainable as your hosting service and in turn the servers on which they choose to host their clients. Read the rest of this entry »