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Why Good Design is the Life Force of Profitable E-Commerce Sites

So you have a great range of products you can’t wait to show the world and just as soon as your new website is up and running you can start getting rich. After all you just need to do is throw it up using a free or cheap template and then sit back and collect the money, it’s as simple as that. Or is it?

Of course not; if it was that easy we’d all be rich overnight. The idea that because you have something to sell people will come flocking with credit cards at the ready is more than a little optimistic, a good site that people trust and find easy to get around doesn’t just happen by chance. You have to put the work in to ensure that the moment visitors land on your site they don’t leave again immediately. Any successful website has to be a positive experience for visitors if they are going to buy from it and return in the future. Read the rest of this entry »

How to Make E-Commerce Profit From Overseas Customers

While we all love the ease of selling stuff in our own country and indeed some of us may even be confirmed Euro-sceptics, there is no doubt that a sale is a sale and in the end once someone takes their credit card out to buy something, no-one much cares where the customer comes from. So on the whole most people with an online shop would like to make overseas sales in addition to domestic ones.

However, selling internationally is never going to be quite as simple as selling in Britain, since for a start you will need to watch out for things like tax, shipping and sadly online and credit card fraud. Also from the customers point of view your credibility must shine out like a beacon. Read the rest of this entry »

How to Bring the Best E-Commerce Visitors to Your Site

Everyone now knows that, in the main, it is good quality web content that attracts even casual browsers and promoting your site certainly increases the total number of page impressions. But is all the effort it takes really worthwhile? Are sheer numbers of visitors to your site irrelevant? Probably.

Unless you attract the right kind of visitors who will spend money with you your efforts could all be in vain. As any experienced salesmen will confirm, the rest are just time wasters or dreamers having a look around. The challenge therefore is finding the proper spenders and the only way to achieve this is through effective targeting and promotion. Read the rest of this entry »

Why Drop Ship is the Perfect Match For E-Commerce

Thanks to the ease of the internet, online virtual businesses have become very popular business models. Online retail stores are gradually playing a more and more important role in the way we all shop and in many cases are taking over from the traditional high street shops. Over the last few years, a growing concept called ‘Drop Shipping’ has emerged alongside internet shopping.

The term drop ship basically means those wholesalers who are willing to ship their products directly to your customers thus saving you the hassle and expense of ordering and holding stock yourself. Drop shipping certainly has enormous benefits, and is an exciting option for the online retail community. Read the rest of this entry »

VendingBox for Facebook

VendingBox is a complete, easy to use, compact storefront which can be put on any webpage. It is the perfect way to sell your products directly on your Fanpage, website or blog.

VendingBox is fully customizable, and can by styled to suit your brand. The plugin for ZenCart automatically synchronizes your inventory, shipping, tax and payment settings. Read the rest of this entry »